T-SQL Tuesday #131 Ideas

If you are participating in T-SQL Tuesday #131 (Analogies), and you REALLY REALLY can’t think of any concepts to write about, I have a list of some things you might be able to use. REMEMBER, you want to explain these concepts without relying on computers/computer science or mathematical definitions, in a way that anybody canContinue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #131 Ideas”

T-SQL Tuesday #131: Data Analogies, or: Explain Databases Like I’m Five!

Welcome to T-SQL Tuesday! This month we’ll explore analogies, or how would you explain database concepts to someone who’s not technologically savvy. If you’re a data professional, you’ve probably been asked “So what exactly do you DO?”, and probably not found a great way to answer. Database theory and practice can be hard, and everyContinue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #131: Data Analogies, or: Explain Databases Like I’m Five!”

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